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The Holistic Healthy approach to eating is to consume natural unprocessed whole foods with the HIGHEST NUTRIENT levels possible.  Our ancient grain breads are made with organic stone ground flour. 

We Use a proprietary preparation method which ensures that every loaf contains optimum vitamin and enzyme levels.  

We have a line of herbal teas formulated by herbal specialists, Weight Loss Products, Digestive Support Products, CBD oil, & Medicinal Waters from around the world.

Our stone ground breads and cookies are made with organic whole grain stone ground flour.  100% natural ingredients, no additives, preservatives, or chemicals.  

Our products are Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Trans Fat Free and Non-GMO. 

Many of our customers who have not eaten bread for years are eating our bread and loving it!

Joseph's Organic Bakery New York Joseph's Organic Bakery is Certified Kosher Pas Yisrael by Rabbi Berel Simpser Kosher Mehadrin International

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Customer Testimonials 

Weight Loss Testimonial

I lost 20 pounds since I started eating the bread and drinking the tea!The customer service is top notch and they are very knowledgeable. The products taste great. I feel good after eating there. The dairy free pizza is one of my favorites. I am extremely satisfied. Finally I can live a healthy lifestyle conveniently​! I've never felt so happy and healthy in my life. 
Thank you SO MUCH Joseph's Bakery!

Testimonial Update: August 2017

I've lost an additional 13 pounds since my last review! So that's 33 pounds total.  The bread has really been helping me to lose the weight.  It leaves me feeling full and satisfied. 

Avi Yasgur 



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