Vegan Kamut Bread & Cookies

Our Stone Ground Breads are made with organic wholegrain kamut flour that we stone grind in-house and bake within 3 hours. Our preparation method ensures optimal nutritional content. Our breads are Dr. Sebi diet friendly. Low in Gluten, Vegan, Sugar Free, Egg Free, Dairy free, Organic, Pas Yisrael. Sweetened with a touch of organic maple syrup. No artificial dough risers. Unbleached, Unbromated flour. Organic tasty goodness! Diabetic and Weight Loss friendly.  IBS & Crohn's Friendly. 

We deliver around the Tri-State area. If you are interested in our weight loss, diabetic or IBS programs please call for a free consultation. Our store is located in Manhattan. Our sales representative is available to meet our clients. Free delivery on orders over $150 in New York City.  KOSHER Pas Yisrael.  Shomer Shabbos Bakery. 

Free delivery on orders over $150 for select locations outside NYC within zone 2 UPS delivery (including Philadelphia, New York State, New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut). 

Please inquire (347)-803-5262.


Vegan Kamut Cookies

Our cookies are Low in Gluten, Sugar Free, Vegan, Soy free, corn free, no xanthan gum, no guar gum, no corn syrup, no trans fatty oils, no canola, no added starches. Sweetened with organic maple syrup. We use only the highest quality Organic Ingredients.



Located within the ORGANIC CIRCLE

1415 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Phone: (347)-803-5262


18228 West Dixie Hwy. North Miami FL

Tel: 954-541-4062

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